Saturday, 29 October 2011


Yoooo!!!! Hey guys, my name's Pip, I'm 15 years old & I live in AUS! (No I'm not a bogan Australian and I don't have a bogan Australian accent haha). The reason I started this blog was to basically share my interest of fashion with other people......who also like fashionnnn haha and well also to do something with my life. I live in one of the biggest wine regions in Australia in a small town that has about 10 thousand people and there is not much to do for people my age (We don't have a shopping centre WAHHHH!...we do have some clothing shops tho) but it's not that bad cause we have a major city not too far away which I seem to visit very often. Anywayyyyyyyy, what I'm basically trying to say is that I needed SOMETHING to do! So here I am!...blogging! haha more like rambling  (just so you guys know I get off subject really easily haha).

Okay so I created this blog about a month ago but I haven't posted anything up till now because I am currently lay-bying this camera (it's like one of the black one's with the BIG lense) because I can't pay it off at one.....BECAUSE I SPEND ALL THE MONEY I EARN A WORK....OMG I'm like the worst saver in the world! So yeh I'm buying this camera because the one I have is just an ordinary digital's okay but not for photographyyyyyyyyy. So I should be getting that camera in about 4 quattro weeks...YAY! (Sometimes I add words from other languages (well mostly Italian) because I can...muuuhahaha) OMG I sound so weird. You should know sometimes I just type what I'm thinking at that very moment so I might just change the subject all of a sudden but you'll get used to it! Well I'm learning Italian at school....and I have been for like the past 4 year...I think. I'm not that great at it but it's still WICKED AWESOME! Not really.

I guess I should tell you guys a bit about me, huh? Well I'm going to anywayyyy. I LOVEEEEEE Vintage/boho/indie/grudge(but not like emo, more like desert boots...haha I don't know!)/pastels & neutrals(even though they're like more colours)/americana and I don't what else (I'm having a metal blank...I get them a lot!) style fashion. I love those old thingos called shoes (ily brogues, loafers, oxfords, desert boots), Oversized jumpers, cute lace socks, crochet stuff, floral dresses with have a whole in the back, tie up and have buttons (I'll show you a pic of one I have later), Peter Pan clothes (ARE SOOOOOO CUTE), LOTS OF JEWELLERY! (I'm the jewellery queen...literally), High-waisted, ripped denim shorts, headbands (not like the hard ones, like the ones that go right round your head and  shoulder bags and I'll think of more stuff later. I love coffee. I could seriously live off. Ummmmm, I love reading magabazines (haha it sounds funny when you add unnecessary "b's" to a word, my faves are vogue/bazaar/peppermint/grazia/yen and also books when I have time...I'm currently reading Jane Ayre. I also like cooking (cakes and yummy things), hanging out with ma frands, making clothes and things,  photography, drawing, listening to music, playing my guitar and singing like an awesome child (I'm seriously like the best singer ever! not.)

Well I'm very proud of you if you guys actually made it through that whole thingo. I promise I won't ramble on like that in the futureeee.

Lots of Love,
Pip xoxo

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