Sunday, 20 November 2011

Study Sesh /:

Hi darlings, just a quick post. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going on holidays in a week, so then I can finally do some decent blogging about fashion and exciting things!
In the mean time, I've been studying for my last exams which, may I say isn't the most exciting thing in the world haha. I have eaten SO much food, it's ridiculous. There are some photos :)

My SUPER organised desk...
Vanilla, Mocha & Espresso ice cream to keep me company :) 
Lots of Love
Pip xoxo

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ma Birthday!

Hello sweeties. Well in my last post I was saying how it was my birthday in a couple of days, and well it’s gone now! Okay, I suppose I should tell you about it. Well I had to go to school which wasn’t the best way to spend a birthday but my friends made it really special. Two of my BEAUTIFUL friends both made me a cake each which was so sweet of them (I have a photo of one, I can’t find the photo of the other one) and my mum made the BEST tiramisu EVER! So I have probably gained 20 kilos from the amount of cake I’ve eaten this week but WHAT THE HECK it was worth it!
I got some lovely gifts from my family and friends. My parents got me A WHITE IPOD TOUCH! It’s so cute and I lurvvvvvvvvvvve it! I’m SUPER, DUPER EXCITED because I’ve just ordered on the cutest case ever on the internet which I will show you when it arrives. I got a purple statement watch (Now I am personally not a fan of bright colours but this watch has grown on me and I HEART it. I also got the Revlon ‘NUDE INSPIRATIONS’ kit thing, some basic clothes and ornaments/box/cute things from friends. I had a really wonderful day oh and I forgot to tell you that last Saturday I paid off my camera, which was very thrilling, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to use it so bear with me for a little while as the photography may not be very goooooood.
Enjoy the picitures :)

The GORGEOUS cake one of my friends made for me :)
Need I say more....
Revlon 'NUDE INSPIRATIONS' Liquid Lipstick, Lipliner, Eye shadow
and Eyeliner.
Purple 'Seconda' Statement watch.
 Lots of L.O.V.E,
ex oh ex oh (haha my cousin made that up).

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hey Guys! I know I haven't posted anything exciting yet but it's because I have been sooooo busy with school and other personal things, sorry! I can't wait for the holidays to come so I can properly start blogging as I have SO MUCH planned.
I am SUPER EXCITED at the moment because I'm getting my new camera (the one I talked about in the previous post) on Saturday!!!!!!!!!! It not a Canon (because I seriously cannot be bothered to save forever) but it's still a good camera and anyway it's a start.
I am also SUPER EXCITED because it my BIRTHDAY in less than a week!!!!! OMGGGGASFRGJ;AKJKA! I am hoping to get the new ipod touch in white (because my ipod is old and crap), SOOOOO fingers crossed!
I don't really have the energy to write anymore because I currently have a flu that is slowly taking over me and when I get sick I get breakouts on my forehead so I'm really happy at the moment.
I'll start posting outfit posts and  other stuff very sooooooon, I promise!

Lots of love,
Pip xoxo