Sunday, 20 November 2011

Study Sesh /:

Hi darlings, just a quick post. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going on holidays in a week, so then I can finally do some decent blogging about fashion and exciting things!
In the mean time, I've been studying for my last exams which, may I say isn't the most exciting thing in the world haha. I have eaten SO much food, it's ridiculous. There are some photos :)

My SUPER organised desk...
Vanilla, Mocha & Espresso ice cream to keep me company :) 
Lots of Love
Pip xoxo


  1. love the post <3 Your desk is definitely more organized than mine ;) !
    xoxo Ellie

  2. Thanks dear! Haha it actually got worse! Love your blog by the way :) X

  3. My desk always looks like this! No matter how many times I tidy it, it always ends up looking like a family of squirrels have been rummaging in it all day!


  4. haha that's so funny! :D X