Monday, 12 December 2011

UPDATE!.....and lots of things happening VERY SOON!!!

Hey guys! So yes I admit, I've been really slack! I did say that I was going to blog lots but I have been really busy! Well not really, haha I can't come up with an excuse :/ Since the start of my holidays (Almost my third week! YESSSSSSSSS!) all I have does is work a bit, hang out with friends and watching endless hours of Gossip Girl (I heart Chace Crawford). I have picked up a fair few cute little things that I will share with you in the next post. I am currently OBSESSED with the shop TYPO. It is SOOOOO cute! The whole shop is filled all this vintagy stuff that I am totally in love with and I end up wasting all my money there. I have done quite a bit of sewing so I'll show you guys that stuff as well. I'm also going to do a post of photos of my bedroom which may give some of  you inspiration in some way. Promise I'll do a decent blog tomorrow and I am planning a "FULLY SICK" outfit post that will be up very shortly.
Pip Xo


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